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In recent times, homeowners have preferred to install synthetic lawns to beautify the areas around their homes. These lawns are affordable, customizable and they are environmentally friendly. Some advantages of using synthetic lawns are that you can reduce the quantity of water required, it is easy to maintain, and it has no adverse effects on the environment. The following are reasons why you should consider the use of artificial grass for your playground turf.  Call the best artificial playground turf installation company in Encinitas.

Safety First

Artificial lawns, when installed in parks or playgrounds, are known to be very safe for children. They are synthetic turfs which are safer than using wood or sand. We have field turfs and playgrounds that have an installed safety underneath to protect young children from sustaining injuries due to its cushioning effect.  Playground safety surfacing also offers a safe surface for children to play on.

The artificial turfs are also a smooth surface which is easily accessible. Your choice of a synthetic playground should be made based on how safe all children especially the young ones with disabilities who use wheelchairs are on the playground.


While it has become popular for its safety, the artificial grass is also apparently lovely. The use of these fake lawns on playgrounds will improve the appearance of the park, and at daycare centers for children, it provides an exciting atmosphere.

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